Saturday, 7 July 2012

W.O.L.F. Night

Hi Muttles, bit of a change of pace for this blog post.

Do you often find yourself saying ‘we must catch up’, ‘I never get out’, ‘let’s do dinner and drinks’… but things never seem to progress from the talkedy-talk stage? I know I do. Well this might be your answer!
I wanted to introduce you to the fabulous concept of WOLF Night. Wine On Last Friday. WOLF!
Aaaaaaahhhoooooooooooooooooooowwwwww.  Side note - That was really bad – how would you type a wolf howl???
Now I can’t take credit for coming up with the concept, it was through a friend of mum’s, daughter’s, friend’s…. you get the drift. But I can and will take credit for introducing it to you. Oh I get excited just thinking about it!!
My boys, our growing baby bump and I spent nine months living with my parents while we renovated, and every month, on the last Friday, mum and her friends would head out to WOLF night with their bottle of wine or their nibbles. HOW JEALOUS WAS I?!?! I vowed I was going to form my own WOLF pack post baby!
So anyway, after baby number two, I decided to up the ante when it came to my social life and I confessed my WOLF pack hopes and dreams to a friend. She was as excited about it as me so we got started on our WOLF Night plans.
Basic concept is getting together with a group of friends on the last Friday of every month, catching up for a wine (or two) and some nibbles, and having a good old chat! It is meant to be wine focused and yes we do talk about the wine and rate it out of 10 and even take a few notes in our wine journal (that I haven’t purchased yet – sorry girls), but at the end of the day, we have a grand time laughing and enjoying each other’s company.
Now there are a few rules and regulations to keep things running smoothly:
Form your group. We have 10 ladies in ours. I suggest keeping it around or below this number as it gets a bit tight sitting around a normal dining table.
Work out how many bottles of wine you think you will need – you may need to reassess after the first few. We usually have six people bring wine, and four bring nibbles. Sometimes we leave bottles of wine untouched… sometimes we don’t. But we always have enough food. You could even have people rostered to bring nothing if you think you won’t need as much wine/food.
Work out your white to red wine ratios. We bring more white wine than red as we don’t have as many red wine drinkers. We usually have four bottles of white and two bottles of red.
Because it is about the ‘Wine’ the bottle that you bring needs to be $20AUD minimum. If you want to spend more, then knock your socks off. But we find you can get pretty enjoyable bottles for around that price.
We take it in turns to host the WOLF night. If you are the host, you are able to invite a 'guest' for the evening; otherwise the 'WOLF pack' stays as it is. I know this sounds a bit tough, but if you have everyone inviting people to join, it will get too big and unmanageable.
Sometimes we organise a bottle of bubbly for starters too.
We meet at 6:30pm and the fun begins. It can last for hours!
We all taste the wine, talk about it, give it a score and record it for future reference.
Oh, and we have wine themes each month too. Last month we had international. We have had South Australia and New Zealand regions. And we have our local region coming up too.
I think they are all the rules... but if you have any questions, or if you think I have missed something, let me know.
Now, if you and your friends don’t like wine, then change it to suit you. Have Cocktails on First Friday (COFF) or beer, books, food, movies… whatever tickles your fancy. Have a dress up theme! Oh now there’s a thought! J 
I find myself looking forward to the last Friday of every month quiet often. It is lovely to spend time with your husband and family, but it is also really nice to get out and socialise and have some ‘me’/adult time. And because it is booked in each month, it happens! It is too easy to put things off because things are hectic at home or you can’t be bothered organising something. This kinda just organises itself once you get the foundations in place.
Do it! Get your party dress out. You will have a great time.

And make sure you tell me about it! Send me some pics too!
Over and out dear muttles!

BessiMac x