Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I Could Write a Kid's Book! (Couldn't I?)

Some days I wake up and honestly, having breakfast and a shower seems to be the highest achievement I could possibly manage. But other days, look out world, I think I can do bloody anything!

Case in point: A kid’s book. I sometimes think I could write one, and a really good one at that!  I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I am currently looking for a job, but maybe I could make my fortune writing books? Like that couple I saw on the news who saved their house by writing romance novels... Or maybe not.
My son and I go to the library a lot. We borrow a lot of books. We read a lot of books. We read a lot of books that are WAY TOO LONG for bedtime books when there is five in the 'to-read' pile. Does anyone else groan a little if the book seems as long as Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and nowhere near as interesting? And don’t even think about skipping a page. They know. OH THEY KNOW!

If I wrote a book, it would be one of those fabulous five minute jobs, with fantastic imagination boosting illustrations and beautiful words that make you feel like you are a host of Play School when you read them out loud.
That’s another thing I like to do… pretend I’m on Play School when I’m doing the bedtime reading routine. Forget all that ‘Dance like no one is watching’ business. ‘Read out loud like you are on Play School’! That’s my motto. Try it. It makes it all the more interesting. 
So back to it. Kid’s books. By BessiMac. I’ve got plenty of ideas. But today isn’t one of my ‘Conquer the World with Connie Confidence’ kinds of days. It’s a rainy, lazy day. It’s a blogging day. I’ll get to the book writing tomorrow (I promise), along with the washing and the ironing… you know how it is. (Who am I kidding? I don’t iron.)
But tell me, have you ever read a book or seen something and thought ‘I could do that’?
What would you like to see a kid’s book written about?
We have recently read a book about a farting fish that my son thought was hilarious. Who'd have thought?!?!
I have found some great information on Mem Fox’s website about reading books to children and also writing books. Head on over, have a look and take some notes if you are having a super confident, wonder woman kind of day. If you are having a shower and breakfast day, maybe leave it until tomorrow.
You never know, one of us could be the next E.L James of the kid’s lit world, minus the red room of pain and all that jazz!

Go Team MUT!

Peace out.

BessiMac x
P.S. By the way, welcome back you! And welcome back me :) I have been a bit blog-jaded since last year, and a bit lazy too. So thank you for your patience and welcome back again. You're awesome! x