Monday, 4 June 2012

Stressing, Swearing & Pseudonyms

After my first blog post I started to stress that I would have nothing to write about. I got a fair few supportive texts from friends saying well done and the like, which was absolutely marvellous. Thank you! But what if I couldn’t back up my claims? What if I let them down? I started to panic that I wouldn’t be able to write enough about one topic. But then I realised I can make my own rules, it didn’t all have to be about one topic and the stress subsided… a little.
So here comes my second MUT post – First, I forgot to say a few things in my ‘Welcome’ post. Namely… swearing. I am pre-warning you that I might swear a bit in these posts. Look, I am no gangster, but a profanity here or there helps me get my point across and lets off more steam than not swearing. It is a proven theory. I swear (haha – get it)!! I saw it on Mythbusters. They proved that you feel less pain if you swear in the process. Brilliant – I know! The theory, not the show. The show actually shits me. So anyway, don’t be offended if I swear a little bit.
Now I think my readers need a little nickname. Along the lines of Gaga’s ‘Little Monsters’. Because I am sooooo assuming my literary prowess is going to attract just as many Little Mutties (do we like?) as Gaga has ‘Little Monsters’! Jokes, my Little Muttles (thoughts?).  Post any ideas you have below my Little Muttos (too dogish?). And please participate by posting your comments on my blog, I know it can be a bit daunting, but it will make this experience a whole lot better for the both of us. I get feedback, and you make your little contribution to MUT and get things off your chest. BUT! There is a but. Please, please, please don’t be nasty. This blog isn’t meant to be nasty in any way, shape or form. It is meant to be fun, light hearted and entertaining. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, or with everyone else, but there are mature ways and means about expressing this without the need to be nasty. I feel the anonymity of social media causes us to be a bit nastier than we would normally be, so keep this in mind please. Ok, stepping off my soapbox now.
Ok, so I hate the term LOL. I hate that people use it as a sign off to nearly everything and I hate when people speak the word (that rhymes with doll) as opposed to actually laughing. Bloody hell guys, are we that lazy that we have to say “lol” instead of having a good ol’ chuckle! Stop it!  Just laugh already. You will feel much better for it.
But how bad is it when people actually think it means lots of love!?!? “LOL to all”. I get really embarrassed for people but I can’t bring myself to actually tell them. So here is my chance. My Unbitten Tongue. LOL means LAUGH OUT LOUD! Sorry to break it to you. Actually I’m not sorry to break it to you, I am sorry that you thought the wrong thing for so long L.
Far out – read this page. Made me cranky and I only read half of it.
Ohhhh and what about when people say “I just lolled” That doesn’t even make any sense. Stop it, stop it, stop it.
People that know I hate it say it to me all the time, and it does actually make me laugh out loud. So if you say it, don’t panic that I am going to go on some kind of rampage and delete you as a Facebook friend or anything just as bloody horrifying. (Does anyone else get SUPER offended when someone deletes them as a Facebook friend. Far out, I do – maybe another post on that one)
I do approve of the term ALOL which in my circle of friends means ‘actually laughed out loud’. It is a bit of an alternative to the good ol’ lol but it means that you ACTUALLY laughed; as opposed to typing LOL. I really hope MUT makes you ALOL!
So because I am feeling a bit whingey, I will just keep going.
I could forehead slap anyone that says my home town is colder than the snow. People stop here on the way to the snow, hop out of their heated car with shorts and a t-shirt on, run across to the Paragon for a meal and then say it’s colder than the snow. No Einstein, it isn’t colder than the snow. You are just dressed for summer and instead of wearing your snug snow gear, effective to -20 degrees.  Of course you are going to feel cold. I bet you are the kind of person who also says they ‘lolled’. Douche! Just rug up, it is winter after all.
On a side note, I really like the word douche. I love using ‘Douche Bag’ as a bit of an insult, usually in bouts of road rage, and I don’t feel as bad if it is repeated by small children (which it has been).  
Ok my little Muttles/Mutties/Muttos. I will forgive you all for a few LOLs here and there, but you WILL get a forehead slap if you say Goulburn is colder than the snow. It’s cold here, but not that cold! BessiMac x


  1. Terrific! I actually laughed out loud!!! ;) And for the record, I find douchebag hilarious!!! Keep 'Em comin!

  2. Wow! I could not agree more! I actually heard someone say "LOL doll" the other day and had to stop them and ask "what and why"!?
    The girl explained what it meant , and that it is 'easier' to say 'LOL Doll' then to laugh!
    I just shrugged and walk away baffled!
    Brooke, maybe it's our age showing..?

    1. Oh NO!! Lol doll! That is horrendous Amme! Nothing is ever easier than having a laugh. Good lord what is the world coming too. As for the age thing... cringe! I am coming to your work for some botox very soon!!! :) x

  3. Love douche bag... Called someone that today. I may have gol'd a little throut put this post... Giggled out loud... Haha no nothing? And I vote muttles Xxx

  4. When I went overseas mum sent me a text just as I was getting on the plane.
    "Have a safe trip. LOL"
    Thanks Mum..

    1. ALOL really?!
      You had me ALOL-ing the whole way though bmac. I vote for mutlers.

  5. Well all you Mums out there can be called Mutti's but (and this is me being a bit of a nerd)Mutti is german for Mum. I am with you on the abbreviations, I hate them! Its rates up there with people using numbers instead of letters in text messages......