Friday, 1 June 2012

Welcome to My Unbitten Tongue (MUT). My third baby. I have two other babies, but you will hear plenty more about them later. MUT is my outlet, my rebellion against manners and that little voice in my head that tells me to BITE MY TONGUE! Sometimes I think we need to get things off our chests, get them out there for others to hear, to agree with or disagree with. I think it’s healthy. I think it’s fabulous to voice your opinion. I have often been thought of, and described as, someone who voices their opinion in everyday life, and I am fine with that – but you should hear the things that I keep to myself! Well, here is your chance. I am over it. I am over keeping my opinions to myself. I am an educated, knowledgeable, well rounded human being – why shouldn’t I put it all out there? I keep them bottled up inside most times, like caged animals, clawing at my mind, whirling around and around in my head. Giving me that feeling of unfinished business… until I give them enough attention that they happily slip to the back of my mind, or heatedly slip out into the universe, usually after a few glasses of wine – and it never comes out the way I meant it to!
Although, I do have another outlet - I text things to my friend. I call her my friend even though I am related to her because I agree with the sentiment that you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends.  Well, I feel as if I have chosen her as something more than just a ‘second cousin’ – she is my mate, she gets my wicked sense of humour and understands that I am not saying things to be nasty, I am saying it because it is a little bit funny (hopefully) and a lot of other people are probably thinking it but aren’t going to say it. Even though this piece of information seems unimportant, it isn’t! It was because of these texts that I thought to develop this blog, so I felt that I had to pay brief homage to it.
Anyway, back to it. So, I thought that if my friend finds my musings hilarious, you might at least find them a tad funny or interesting. So here we are! Now please don’t think that I consider myself a literary genius or grammar queen. I am going to make mistakes in my posts and they are going to make me feel SICK and inferior but I need to get over it. I need to get things out there. For myself, and hopefully for my reader(s).  I am a woman, a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend, a daughter, an employee, a manager, I love books, wine and all things pretty, I am a pet owner, an idiot, a stress head, a perfectionist, a lover of being right and a hater of being wrong, I love sport, I am super competitive, I hate ironing and washing my hair because it takes too long. So expect posts about a plethora of things. As someone who is trained in marketing, I know how important it is to identify your niche and target market, but I am going against all that. I cannot label myself as merely one of those things, so therefore I cannot classify my audience as anything more specific than I am.
So here we are. Welcome to my blog. Welcome to My Unbitten Tongue. A place where nothing is sacred and everything is in-bounds. Grab a glass of wine. Prepare yourself for a raised eyebrow or two, a grimace here or there, some giggles, some gasps and hopefully that warm feeling inside that reassures us that we aren’t the only ones.  BessiMac x

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